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KEY in Schools

Kathleen Egan is a well-established Yoga Teacher in the Hilversum community, specializing in yoga for children and adolescents as well as trauma sensitive yoga. Kathleen’s professional history as a case worker and youth worker and qualifications in child and adolescent development make her uniquely qualified to offer Yoga practices addressing the needs of school students and their community.

 Therapeutic Practices for Kids & Teens

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices are shown to be beneficial and safe practices for children and adolescents. The American Association of Pediatrics, The National Institute of Health in the US, United Kingdom and Australia as well as other countries recommend Yoga for children and adolescents who experience mental concerns along with the general population. At KEY, we specialize in evidence-based therapeutic yoga practices tailored to address various challenges such as childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, focus issues, and behavioral issues. Our individualized sessions feature a blend of breathing exercises, body awareness practices, movement, and guided meditation, including the deeply restorative yoga Nidra. Practices can take place in your school or in KEYoga offices.

Group Practices

Unlock the potential of your classroom with KEY's tailored yoga practices for students and teachers. Studies have shown that integrating regular yoga sessions into school curriculums can significantly reduce hyperactivity and increase attention spans. Even just 30 minutes of yoga per week has been linked to a reduction in behavioral problems and a boost in academic engagement. At KEY, we leverage our expertise in children's yoga, kidding around yoga, and child and adolescent development to craft age-appropriate yoga experiences that meet the unique needs of your students.

Our yoga sessions encompass a holistic approach, incorporating breathing exercises, movement practices for strength and flexibility, and mindfulness techniques. We believe in making yoga accessible and engaging, which is why we incorporate music, games, and toys to illustrate concepts of mindfulness and meditation. For older students and teachers, we offer specialized relaxation practices such as yoga Nidra and progressive muscle relaxation to promote deep relaxation and stress relief. Experience the transformative power of yoga in your school community with KEY.

School Programs include:

  • Classroom Yoga

  • Small groups for special needs

  • Yoga for Teachers and Staff

  • Short term programs for the classroom 

  • Training for Teachers and Staff on how to implement Mindful Moments in the classroom






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