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Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga TCTSY is a movement based therapeutic practice designed for teens and adults who have experienced childhood or relational trauma. TCTSY is an evidence based therapeutic practice that offers participants the opportunity to focus on their own movement experience and make choices relating to their personal experience.

TCTSY is a movement practice tailored to suit your needs. You need no prior yoga experience. The practice can take place on a chair or on a mat. I offer a 15 minute to 1 hour movement practice based on your needs on that particular day. 

If you would like to discuss TCTSY further contact Kathleen. For more information about TCTSY click here.

Warrior One
Yoga Stretches


Closed Groups

Limited to 8 participants

One hour movement practice, once a week


One on one private TCTSY practice
In person or online
A physical practice designed for you.

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