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KEY at Work

Yoga offers numerous benefits to you and your employees, some of these benefits include:

  • Reducing the risk of stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Increasing ability to focus and workplace productivity

  • Building workplace morale and team building

  • Increasing physical health

 Therapeutic Practices

KEY Therapies to Support your Employees

Burnout and stress leave are increasing in corporate workplaces. One of the benefits of yoga is that it decreases stress and improves personal well-being. KEY offers private practices for your employees to support their general well-being. KEY uses evidence based movement and mindfulness practices such as Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga and progressive muscle relaxation practices to address stress and anxiety to decrease the risk burnout for your employees.

Group Practices

Implementing regular yoga practices into your employees work week promotes the health and well-being of your team. Group Yoga practices promote morale in your team as they explore movement and mindfulness techniques together.  A typical yoga practice includes breathing exercises, movement practices including strength and flexibility as well as mindfulness practices. The practices can be provided online or in person, in your offices or at KEYoga. Kathleen as a broad knowledge of yoga and can tailor all practices to meet the needs or you and your employees. Possible practices include.

  • Movement practices based in Hatha Yoga

  • Flow practices based in Vinyasa Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga practices including Somatic, Restorative and Yin Practices

  • Relaxation practices including Nidra and Restorative Yoga

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga for professionals who work in caring industries






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